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Diazolidinyl Urea(Germall II)

Diazolidinyl Urea(Germall II) Product Name: Diazolidinyl urea
Synonyms: Germall-2, 1-imidazolidin-1-ylurea
Molecular Formula: C8H14N4O7
Molecular Weight: 278.23
CAS NO.: 78491-02-8
Physical Properties: Diazolidinyl urea which also can be called as Germall II is white crystalline hygroscopic powder. Colorless with characteristic odor. It is soluble in water, and can dissolve in propanediol and glycerol, but slightly soluble in alcohol.




White crystalline powder

Nitrogen, %




Loss on drying, %


Residue on ignition, %


Heavy metals(Pb) %


Arsenic( As), %


Uses and Applications: Diazolidinyl urea is widely used as antiseptic for its bactericidal effect. It can constrain the bacterium, yeast, mould, gram-positive bacterium and gram-negative bacterium.It can be applied in cream, dew liquid, shampoo, hair conditioner, eye cosmetics, liquid cosmetics and other cosmetics.
Package: 20KG per fiber drum or according to customers’ special requirements.
Storage: Kept in a dry, clean and airtight place. Avoid sunlight.Δ TOP